Established in 2000, Dempsey Timber Engineering Ltd (DTE) has been going from strength to strength ever since. The company is located on the main N11, north of Arklow at Scratnagh Cross. Involved in the manufacture of Timber Frame and Roof Trusses for over 10 years prior to starting his own company, managing director Garrett Dempsey had his initial success as a roof truss manufacturer.

Quickly realising that attitudes in relation to house building methods were changing in this country, Garrett seized the opportunity in 2002 to once again become involved in Timber Frame house manufacture, which is the fastest growing method of construction in Ireland to-day. Assembling a dynamic management team that includes his wife Melissa (director), management co-worker James Bannon (director) and John Amond (sales manager), Garret Dempsey set about meeting a growing demand for Timber Frame houses that was apparent in the market place and from existing clients. All the members of the management team had previous experience working with Timber Frame companies in Ireland and they brought that expertise and craftsmanship to Dempsey Timber Engineering Ltd, a badge of excellence in the quality of their product.

From the moment the first Timber Frame kit came off the production line in 2002, DTE has progressed steadily forward and upward from those initial modest beginnings, now employs 18 people, and has achieved significant and sizeable market penetration in the south east and midland regions but has clients from the four corners of Ireland on its books.
Along the way DTE has built up a reputation in the timber frame house construction world for the quality of its workmanship and product, competitive pricing and professional service to clients, far and near. They are now involved in many project throughout Ireland both in Timber Frame and Roof Trusses.

A large part of the company¹s success is not only attributable to the wealth of experience that has been brought to the company but to the dedication and high standard’s DTE never fail to deliver to customers.

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