DTE believe that Timber Frame is the best solution for most homes because no other building method is as simple, versatile or cost effective. The timber frame system is a construction method that makes sense, it offers you the consumer a characteristically and aesthetically appealing product that is versatile and offers plenty of design capabilities.

For those considering Self building, DTE offers an easy alternative to masonry construction. Masonry construction is so reliant on prevailing weather conditions and perhaps the greatest difficulty experienced is that of scheduling of trades both internally and externally. Using Timber Frame method of construction the problems of scheduling are completely overcome which also has a quantifiable effect on your profit margins.

Not only are Timber Frame Homes quicker to build, flexible in design, more accurate in construction and attractive to the etc, they are the most energy efficient houses available, can be up to 50% warmer than the conventional block and mortar homes because of extremely high insulation standards thus reducing heating and running costs considerably.


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