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Eco House DTE as featured on 'About The House' with Duncan Stewart.

DTE Manufacturing Ltd came to national prominence in 2007 with our involvement in the state of the art eco friendly house in Kilrane in Wexford town.

Eco House
Eco House
Eco House-Wexford
Eco House-Wexford
Eco House-Wexford
Eco House-Wexford

Kevin McCormack and his partner Assumpta wanted to build one of the most eco-friendly and energy efficient house in the country. The project may have passed by completely out of the public's consciousness if it wasn't for Garrett Dempsey, who was so impressed by the couple's ambitious plans that he relayed them to the producers of RTE 1's "About The House" programme.

The Wexford couple knew nothing about it but were delighted to learn that RTE wanted to feature their dream home on Duncan Stewart's popular programme.

Kevin and Assumpta shopped for quality workmanship, competitive pricing and professional service. Dempsey's high spec insulation was a key component in Kevin's desire to achieve an A Rated Home.

Dempsey's not only produced the timber frame and the roof trusses for the unique eco-friendly house, but also erected them on site through our highly skilled team. Both the production process and the site erection had to be completed within a very tight timeframe to facilitate the recording of the TV programme. Kevin and Assumpta were delighted with the 'knowledge and expertise that Dempsey's contributed, to building their dream home'.

All DTE Timbers Frame Homes and Roof Trusses are manufactured under the most stringently controlled factory conditions which ensure that the highest standards are maintained both in design and manufacture. Here at Dempsey's we always put the customer first, we realise the importance of building your home, because quiet simply, your home is our business!

Some of the Eco-friendly features in the house include:

  • The house has 3 tonnes of recycled newspapers injected into the external walls coupled with thermo-hemp insulation for added insulation.
  • Heraklith magnesite bound wood wool panels attached to the outside of the Timber Frame which offers outstanding value when it comes to heat insulation, building biology and sounds absorption.
  • A Geo-thermal heat pump to heat the home.
  • A solar wind turbine hybrid system for hot water and spare heating.
  • 200mm External timber frame panels as opposed to the standard 140mm panels.
  • PVC free copper gutters which allows them to harvest rainwater.
  • Solar Panels.
  • Irish sourced triple glazed windows and doors.
  • Sealed airtight membrane from floor to ceiling.
  • HRV - Heat Recovery with Ventilation which ensures good quality clean air delivered to all living quarters.
  • Natural paints and waxes on natural timber.
  • Natural Slates.
  • A worm farm to compost food scraps.
  • Low energy lighting.
  • X 10 wireless light automation and dimming.

Timber Frame Home
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