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Timber Frame as a method of building is not new, it is actually the world’s most popular building technique. Over 70% of houses built worldwide are timber construction.

The idea of building a timber frame house may be new to many Irish people however, the only difference between timber frame and conventional block and mortar construction is that the inner leaf of the block work is replaced by a timber frame structure.

Typical Timber & Brick Wall ConstructionTimberframe Wall

(1) : Inner lining of plasterboard
(2) : Structural timber frame
(3) : Stainless steel wall tie
(4) : Vapour check
(5) : Thick insulating quilt - CFC free
(6) : Sheathing board
(7) : Waterproof breather membrane
(8) : Brick or block outer cladding
(9) : Clear wall cavity

DTE Timber Frames are manufactured under the most stringently controlled factory conditions which guarantee the highest level of accuracy and quality, right angles are true and edges straight. Every house produced by DTE is custom built and undergoes an extensive structural analysis, this procedure ensures that the highest standards are maintained both in design and manufacture.
The basic structure of a timber frame house consists of timber panel walls, timber flooring and roofing material built upon a timber frame work.

During site construction, the timber frame is covered internally by plasterboard and filled with high performance insulation. Moisture and vapour barriers are incorporated in the outer leaf of the wall, which can be of any standard finish such as brick or stone. Timber Frame when delivered to the site can be erected to form a weather tight structure within a matter of days. This allows other trades to proceed with their work regardless of the weather.


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